Thomas More social videos

One of the teachers at Thomas More University College hired me to make some explosive social videos to advertise their courses.

Communication Management

The first video he asked me to make was a superhero movie style introduction video for their Communication Management course. This project was hella fun because photomanipulation is what I’m best at. So first I set off to create some bad-ass photo collages from the pictures of the teachers and loads of stock images. Then, when the collages were done, I imported them into After Effects and made an epic parallax video out of them.


The second video had to be a retro game character selection screen style (ugh, that’s a lot of words in a row) video for the Journalism course. Of course because time was limited I had to find some hacks to turn photos into pixel art and give them a Mortal Kombat look. It turned out to be harder than I thought but I’m satisfied with the result.

Media & Entertainment Business

To promote Thomas More’s MEB course, I was asked to design some animated posters they could use in ads on Instagram. With a flashy colour scheme I went ahead in photoshop and painted some pop-arty lay-outs. Some of the animations were painted frame by frame in Photoshop, for some others I used shortcuts in After Effects and then made them look as if they were done frame by frame.

Below is a compilation of all the animations I did.