TV advertising

Real is a supermarket chain in Germany known for being way too fucking big and having way too much choice. In the year 2017 they finally decided to do something about the amount of people dying in their stores of choice anxiety (just kidding Real, don’t sue me please).

They threw their super wide product range online so anxious people like me wouldn’t have to run around in their stores like headless chickens, in search for that one specific product from that one specific brand. Instead, people could now type in the product on their web store and immediately find it, saving me from a few heart attacks.

For the advertising campaign of this web store, we focused exactly on this product range.

Creative Director: Lennart Frank (DCMN)
Producer: Geraldine Gramenz-Hohlbein (DCMN)
Art Director: Mathias Vanthienen (DCMN)
Copywriter: Paula Halldin (DCMN)
Line Producer: Laura Fleck (Markenfilm)
Camera: Christian Datum (Markenfilm)
Music: Richard Blaha (Markenfilm)
Regie: Greg Bray