Printed Portfolio 2016

In 2015 I graduated as a product developer at the University of Antwerp, which meant that I came to the chapter of my life where I had to start bothering companies with the question if they wanted to give me money for my time.

To be honest, by that time me and my quickly changing interests got a bit over product development. After graduation I put some of my product development school work in the most bland snorefest of a portfolio to start my job hunt. What sort of job it was gonna be I wasn’t really sure of at that moment.

I showed the portfolio to some friends with an advertising background, cause advertising started to feel right. They just started laughing. It was almost as embarrassing as having a prostitute laugh at the size of your dingus. That surely didn’t help my confidence (the laughter at my portfolio, not the other thing). But unlike the size of your dingus, you can do something about your portfolio.

I decided to start over. This time I would do it my own way instead of the way I was taught to do it. I was gonna put more weight on my private projects than on my school projects, cause they were visually more attractive. The target: scoring a job in advertising.

I decided to dust off my collection of SEGA games and use the cases as the container for my “own custom SEGA game”.

Well, I must have done an okay’ish job because some newspaper decided to write about it.

Each case contains a printed CV, a printed portfolio (A6 format) and a USB stick with the digital files.