Lemon Social Media

Animated videos

When I started at Lemon, I was the second creative in a start-up of 15 people. In a┬ástarting┬ácompany, client projects really come in waves. This meant that there were quite a few gaps every now and then when it would be calm. Of course a start-up is still sandbox situation. You can come up with many things to improve, to make processes move more smoothly, to get the brand out there, … Many responsibilities overlap and there’s not yet a clear strategy of what to do where and when.

So in the dead moments I bowed myself over the social media marketing of the company (instead of taking naps). Back then, Facebook video had taken off and I noticed that videos had way more engagement than pictures or linked content. So since I had some time, I decided to get into animating. I made my first steps into After Effects and into video advertising.

In 6 months I made a few basic product videos and some introduction videos to present the team members on social media.