Kasette Koffie Branding

Last april I was asked to do a synthwave style branding for a new mobile coffee bar/discobar. At the time I was teaching myself to use Blender and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to apply wath I learnt in my design. A lot of inspiration material I collected included airbrushed chrome objects. My airbrushing skills are a bit lacking so I replicated it in Blender with a custom ‘chrome’ HDRI map I made in photoshop. Next, I added some more objects next to the cassette with different funky materials. The 3D type for ‘Kasette’ was done in Illustrator and airbrush effects were added in photoshop using brushes and gradient overlays. The type for ‘Koffie’ was done by hand on paper with a brush and ink. The result of that was scanned and traced in Illustrator where I also added the gradient. Everything was then brought together in Photoshop and some effects were added.

This version of the logo was a nice fruit salad of different skills, both analog & digital.

The other option which I provided was based more on neon and retro graphics. For this version I traced the cassette in Illustrator and added some neon glow to everything. Finally I added some scanlines & RGB displacement to the logo to give it that VCR/Blade Runner hologram vibe.

In the end the client decided to go with the second option.