Foodmaker Animation Work

I did several projects for Foodmaker. Below you can find a selection.

Logo Animation

The first time Foodmaker contacted me, they asked me to do a logo animation to put at the end of their online videos. I first drew a landscape in a simple but quirky style which I animated in After Effects. I like to work in 12 fps, it makes everything look a bit more hand-animated.

The first version of a logo animation I did for Foodmaker

Eventually I had to make it fit the style of their other branding material. Their branding uses a lot of collage elements, selected by Belgian cartoon artist Jeroom who is also their creative director. This was the final result.

The final version of the logo animation I did for Foodmaker.

PS: The jingle was made by the talented Belgian artist Susobrino, go check him out!

Instagram Filter

This was one of my first experiments in Spark AR, the filter creation software from facebook.

A face filter I made for Foodmaker

Maaltijdbox online ad

The challenge here was to display as many USPs as possible as early as possible, since it was going to be used as a youtube preroll. I modeled and animated the box in blender.

An online ad for Foodmaker