De Container Branding

I got asked to do the branding for a new club in Antwerp (which also never happened because of the pandemic heh). Because most advertising for events nowadays happens on social media, I decided to animate the branding to make it stand out more.

animated logo design for De Container

The Western windows of the venue looked out over the Scheldt, so I decided to do something with this. I first made a stylized version of the windows in Illustratior, which was square. After that, I made it look more like a C and eventually I animated the window frames to make it look groovy.

My design process for the logo for De Container

For the Event banners I came up with a modular system which could be easily adapted for each event. The idea was to make a custom “barcode” for every event by just configuring the building blocks of the chain differently.

An example of an event banner for De Container