DCMN Advertising

Print advertising

at DCMN, I didn’t only do advertising for clients. To get those clients in the first place, we needed to advertise our advertising business (meta, right?). For a b2b print ad for the French market, we came up with “the growth factory” which grows brands.

Concept: Mathias Vanthienen & Paula Halldin
3D design: Tiago Castro
Graphic design: Renata Gajowniczek

Another time, DCMN was in need of a lot more employees to keep up their fast growth, and what better way to lure them in than with candy?! I mean, that’s how I used to make friends in primary school. So I took some ultra bland job-related stock photos and made them look as edible as possible through colour grading and photo manipulation. Parallel to that, my copywriter Paula Halldin provided some tasty headlines to slap on the pictures. With the headline “treat yourself”, we wanted to pull in as many hungry job seekers as possible. I must say that the average BMI of the people applying was quite high.

Art direction & graphic design: Mathias Vanthienen
Copywriting: Paula Halldin