ByHours TVC

TV advertising

I’m a firm believer in disco naps, 30 minutes of sleep in a comfy bed and I shart rainbows. This was exactly what me and my fellow art director Tung Nguyen thought of when we got the brief for ByHours. ByHours is a service where you can book hotel rooms for short stays (3, 6 or 12 hours). Say you’re in a strange city for business and you have to wait a long time until your meeting/transport, then ByHours provides you a comfortable private space to prepare and recharge your batteries. A 3 hour stay with shower & bed will literally transform you. That was exactly the campaign claim we came up with: 3 hours of comfort will transform you. We looked for a way to exaggerate this transformation, so we looked at one of the most extreme transformations in nature, the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Regie: Eike Schulz
Kamera: Philip Fleischer
Editor: Mario Orías
Motion Design: Tiago Castro
Grading: Mario Orías
Production: DCMN
Service Production: Wolffpack Vision
Creative Director: Lennart Frank
Art Director: Tung Nguyen
Art Director: Mathias Vanthienen
Copywriter: Philip Thys
Producer: Thomas Siudmak