Event branding

My hometown in Belgium is a big snorefest when it comes to going out during the weekend. Usually, everyone above the age of 20 just goes to the nearby city on Friday & Saturday night. This kind of sucks, so me & some friends decided to do something about it with a cool rave concept on cool, not so standard locations. BRUUT was born.

My responsibilities within the team were developing the brand and taking care of all the communication. For the design of the brand identity, I created a dark, grungy, concrete style with a touch of bru(u)talism.

For our first location we managed to get our hands on the spooky Castle Hof ter Linden which is located isolated in the woods.

Location announcement:

Example of artist announcement:

Promo video – initial location was an old factory:

The aftermovie shot & edited by Avalon Media: