Thomas More social videos

One of the teachers at Thomas More University College hired me to make some explosive social videos to advertise their courses.

Communication Management

The first video he asked me to make was a superhero movie style introduction video for their Communication Management course. This project was hella fun because I looove photoshop and photo manipulation is what I’m best at. So first I set off to create some bad-ass photo collages from the pictures of the teachers and loads of stock images.

Then, when the collages were done, I imported them into After Effects and made a parallax video out of them.

The parallax video I did for Thomas More


The second video had to be a retro game character selection screen style (ugh, that’s a lot of words in a row) video for the Journalism course. Of course because time was limited I had to find some hacks to turn photos into pixel art and give them a Mortal Kombat look. It turned out to be harder than I thought but I’m satisfied with the result.

The pixel art video I did for Thomas More

Foodmaker Logo Animation

Foodmaker asked me to do a logo animation to put at the end of their online videos. I first drew a landscape in a simple but quirky style which I animated in After Effects. I like to work in 12 fps, it makes everything look a bit more hand-animated.

The first version of a logo animation I did for Foodmaker

Eventually I had to make it fit the style of their other branding material. Their branding uses a lot of collage elements, selected by Belgian cartoon artist Jeroom who is also their creative director. This was the final result.

The final version of the logo animation I did for Foodmaker.

PS: The jingle was made by the talented Belgian artist Susobrino, go check him out!


By Night Logo Design

Here’s another thing I did which got dramatically postponed because of the ‘rona. A friend asked me to do a logo for his new series of events/gigs. As I’m always interested in trying new stuff, I decided to do custom lettering from scratch.


Printed Portfolio 2016

In 2015 I graduated as a product developer at the University of Antwerp, which meant that I came to the chapter of my life where I had to start bothering companies with the question if they wanted to give me money for my time.

To be honest, by that time me and my quickly changing interests got a bit over product development. After graduation I put some of my product development school work in the most bland snorefest of a portfolio to start my job hunt. What sort of job it was gonna be I wasn’t really sure of at that moment.

I showed the portfolio to some friends with an advertising background, cause advertising started to feel right. They just started laughing. It was almost as embarrassing as having a prostitute laugh at the size of your dingus. That surely didn’t help my confidence (the laughter at my portfolio, not the other thing). But unlike the size of your dingus, you can do something about your portfolio.

I decided to start over. This time I would do it my own way instead of the way I was taught to do it. I was gonna put more weight on my private projects than on my school projects, cause they were visually more attractive. The target: scoring a job in advertising.

I decided to dust off my collection of SEGA games and use the cases as the container for my “own custom SEGA game”.

Well, I must have done an okay’ish job because some newspaper decided to write about it.

Each case contains a printed CV, a printed portfolio (A6 format) and a USB stick with the digital files.


Real.de TVC

TV advertising

Real is a supermarket chain in Germany known for being way too fucking big and having way too much choice. In the year 2017 they finally decided to do something about the amount of people dying in their stores of choice anxiety (just kidding Real, don’t sue me please).

They threw their super wide product range online so anxious people like me wouldn’t have to run around in their stores like headless chickens, in search for that one specific product from that one specific brand. Instead, people could now type in the product on their web store and immediately find it, saving me from a few heart attacks.

For the advertising campaign of this web store, we focused exactly on this product range.

Creative Director: Lennart Frank (DCMN)
Producer: Geraldine Gramenz-Hohlbein (DCMN)
Art Director: Mathias Vanthienen (DCMN)
Copywriter: Paula Halldin (DCMN)
Line Producer: Laura Fleck (Markenfilm)
Camera: Christian Datum (Markenfilm)
Music: Richard Blaha (Markenfilm)
Regie: Greg Bray


De Container Branding

I got asked to do the branding for a new club in Antwerp (which also never happened because of the pandemic heh). Because most advertising for events nowadays happens on social media, I decided to animate the branding to make it stand out more.

animated logo design for De Container

The Western windows of the venue looked out over the Scheldt, so I decided to do something with this. I first made a stylized version of the windows in Illustratior, which was square. After that, I made it look more like a C and eventually I animated the window frames to make it look groovy.

My design process for the logo for De Container

For the Event banners I came up with a modular system which could be easily adapted for each event. The idea was to make a custom “barcode” for every event by just configuring the building blocks of the chain differently.

An example of an event banner for De Container

Vice City NYE

Pixel Art

Vice City is one of the most cosy, funky parties in Belgium (they actually won the award for best Belgian party in 2018). For their 2017 New Years Eve party they booked Giovanni Damico aka G-Machine. G-Machine makes some funky music which might as well be used as the soundtrack for a SEGA game set in the Miami of the eighties. I decided to do something in that direction with the artwork & promo video, using some elements from the SEGA game Turbo Outrun.



Horseflan is the pseudonym under which I make absurd short Dutch animations and cartoons. I do everything by myself, including the (bad) voice acting.

The animated logo I did for the page:

The Horseflan logo

The animated cover I made for the Facebook page:

The cover video for the Facebook page

Some Animations:

My very first Horseflan animation
The second Horseflan animation I did
Why you shouldn't throw lockdown parties
Niels Destadsbader is going to steal your girl
Fishing for mox

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