Thomas More social videos

One of the teachers at Thomas More University College hired me to make some explosive social videos to advertise their courses.

Communication Management

The first video he asked me to make was a superhero movie style introduction video for their Communication Management course. This project was hella fun because photomanipulation is what I’m best at. So first I set off to create some bad-ass photo collages from the pictures of the teachers and loads of stock images. Then, when the collages were done, I imported them into After Effects and made an epic parallax video out of them.


The second video had to be a retro game character selection screen style (ugh, that’s a lot of words in a row) video for the Journalism course. Of course because time was limited I had to find some hacks to turn photos into pixel art and give them a Mortal Kombat look. It turned out to be harder than I thought but I’m satisfied with the result.

Media & Entertainment Business

To promote Thomas More’s MEB course, I was asked to design some animated posters they could use in ads on Instagram. With a flashy colour scheme I went ahead in photoshop and painted some pop-arty lay-outs. Some of the animations were painted frame by frame in Photoshop, for some others I used shortcuts in After Effects and then made them look as if they were done frame by frame.

Below is a compilation of all the animations I did.


11.11.11 Animated Ads

The Belgian NGO 11.11.11 battles injustice in the world. One of their recent targets is to vote in a new duty of care law in Belgium. The law will hold corporations accountable for human rights violations in their supply chain. To grab the people’s attention in order to be able to pressure the government, they needed some strong visual material.

The idea of these animated ads was based on the concept of unboxing videos. The most challenging part of these ads was to animate the hands. Most of it was done frame by frame in Photoshop, then everything was put together in After Effects.



Foodmaker Animation Work

I did several projects for Foodmaker. Below you can find a selection.

Logo Animation

The first time Foodmaker contacted me, they asked me to do a logo animation to put at the end of their online videos. I first drew a landscape in a simple but quirky style which I animated in After Effects. I like to work in 12 fps, it makes everything look a bit more hand-animated.

Eventually I had to make it fit the style of their other branding material. Their branding uses a lot of collage elements, selected by Belgian cartoon artist Jeroom who is also their creative director. This was the final result.

PS: The jingle was made by the talented Belgian artist Susobrino, go check him out!

Instagram Filter

This was one of my first experiments in Spark AR, the filter creation software from facebook.

Maaltijdbox online ad

The challenge here was to display as many USPs as possible as early as possible, since it was going to be used as a youtube preroll. I modeled and animated the box in blender.


EURO 2020 TikTok content

I love everything related to graphic design and motion design, but my biggest passion is probably making memes. So when VRT Creative Lab reached out to me with the question if I wanted to create dank content for the Sporza TikTok during EURO 2020 I vehemently screamed “YES DADDY, BRING IT ON!!!!!”. Truth be told, I didn’t even properly know what offside meant but nonetheless, goofing on football turned out to be one of the most satisfying jobs I’ve ever taken on.

Here is a selection of some of the content which I created during that month.


Kasette Koffie Branding

Last april I was asked to do a synthwave style branding for a new mobile coffee bar/discobar. At the time I was teaching myself to use Blender and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to apply wath I learnt in my design. A lot of inspiration material I collected included airbrushed chrome objects. My airbrushing skills are a bit lacking so I replicated it in Blender with a custom ‘chrome’ HDRI map I made in photoshop. Next, I added some more objects next to the cassette with different funky materials. The 3D type for ‘Kasette’ was done in Illustrator and airbrush effects were added in photoshop using brushes and gradient overlays. The type for ‘Koffie’ was done by hand on paper with a brush and ink. The result of that was scanned and traced in Illustrator where I also added the gradient. Everything was then brought together in Photoshop and some effects were added.

This version of the logo was a nice fruit salad of different skills, both analog & digital.

The other option which I provided was based more on neon and retro graphics. For this version I traced the cassette in Illustrator and added some neon glow to everything. Finally I added some scanlines & RGB displacement to the logo to give it that VCR/Blade Runner hologram vibe.

In the end the client decided to go with the second option.


Vice City NYE

Pixel Art

Vice City is one of the most cosy, funky parties in Belgium (they actually won the award for best Belgian party in 2018). For their 2017 New Years Eve party they booked Giovanni Damico aka G-Machine. G-Machine makes some funky music which might as well be used as the soundtrack for a SEGA game set in the Miami of the eighties. I decided to do something in that direction with the artwork & promo video, using some elements from the SEGA game Turbo Outrun.



Horseflan is the pseudonym under which I make absurd short Dutch animations and cartoons. I do everything by myself, including the (bad) voice acting.

The animated logo I did for the page:

The animated cover I made for the Facebook page:

Some Animations:

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Geheimzinnig Animated Branding

This is some more event branding I designed for Geheimzinnig. I did everything from logo design to animated artwork for both Facebook and Instagram stories. Sadly, due to the pandemic, the event had to be cancelled.