They told him being a professional creator was hard…

It actually is, but here’s my attempt.


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I do design, creative direction and content creation with an edge.

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Mathias who?

Wow, you’re actually reading this!

Hey, I’m Mathias, I’m 31 and I think the world around me is super boring zzzz. That’s why I force my own crazy ideas upon it.  I make things look cool and I make cool looking things I have 27 years of experience in drawing stuff on paper and 19 years of experience in designing stuff with Adobe software. That’s right, at age 12 I got my first copies of Photoshop & Illustrator and since I sucked at sports, I spent most of my time photoshopping tits on my bullies. Today, Adobe software has no more secrets for me. I make ideas loud and I make loud ideas I don’t just strictly stick to the visual part. I like strong concepts in general, especially when humor is involved. That’s why 6 years ago, I decided to be an art director in advertising, using my wit and flatulent brain to fart out great advertising campaigns. I did this for 3 years at DCMN in Berlin and I’m currently doing it freelance in Antwerp next to graphic design and motion design. On the side I also love turning brainfarts into memes, cartoons & animations.

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LOCATION Antwerp, Belgium

PHONE +32 498 85 81 64

INSTAGRAM @m.vanthienen