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Hi, I’m Mathias Vanthienen. My hobbies include being tall, eating falafel, drawing awful cartoons, promoting events and doing other random creative stuff. 

I recently moved back from Berlin after almost 3 years of working as an art director for DCMN. There I did everything from concepting cool ideas for advertising to visualizing them to whipping the production team. After DCMN I temporarily did the same at Friendship.

Before working in advertising I also worked as an allround creative at Lemon, doing everything ranging from UX design to online advertising, to product design. On the side I also like to do a lot of graphic design for many events including self-curated ones like Mint & Bruut.

I’m a generalist with a Master degree in Product Development, 15+ years of experience in graphic design and a hyperactive brain that jumps from idea to idea.  As I easily get bored, I don’t stick to one style, tool or discipline. I rather experiment in a style until I’m on a good level, to then move to something new. As you can see, my portfolio is pretty eclectic.

If by now you feel like creating cool content with me, you can contact me in the form below.

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