I often cross distances up to 15 km by bike. Certainly when I have to go into the city this is the most efficient means of transport. It’s always a pain to arrive all sweaty, smelly and even sometimes soaked from a rain shower. And even if I have spare clothes with me, I still end up with the problem that I have to hang my clothes to dry somewhere.

Bivot is a universal storing system for clothing, both pants & coats (or other tops) which spreads out the surface of clothing to avoid mildew & heats from the inside when needed.

The system is an affordable solution for employees of mainly small businesses in cities. The product comes with a ventilation solution for a standard wardrobe so that everything is hidden away and doesn’t require extra space.

Twerl is a hygienic & quick way to roll meatballs for example for soups, salads, etc.

The mechanism is simple. 3 worm-like objects are driven by a motor. Minced meat gets pulled in between the 3 rotating objects at the top and gets rolled into meatballs at the bottom.

The principle was taken from a toy for making clay balls and adjusted to work with minced meat which is more greasy.

Alumentos Carpaccio tools was an exercise on both human factors & branding. We started off in groups of 3 to create a brand identity.

With Alumentos we designed toolkits for kitchen hobbyists. Each member of the group designed their own toolkit. Besides the carpaccio kit there was a cocktail kit & a kit to make macarons under our brand, each with the same house style & materials.